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Thread: "KarmaGeddon" DJ Lethal Skillz Sophomore Album Release Party

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    Thumbs up "KarmaGeddon" DJ Lethal Skillz Sophomore Album Release Party


    DJ Lethal Skillz Sophomore Album Release Party


    Exclusive footage and backstage freestyles from the KarmaGeddon Album Release Party of DJ Lethal Skillz second album
    release that took place on Jan the 14'th of 2012 @ The Democratic Republic Of Music (DRM - Beirut, hamra).
    Event features some of DJ Lethal Skillz hiphop family and appearances on the album, the likes of Omar Offendum, Mark
    Gonzales, Ragtop, MC Zeinedin, El Edd, Fz, El Far3i and DJ Sotusura to mention a few....
    Cop ure Physical KarmaGeddon copy online via Mail Order (worldwide delivery) & Digital Downloads now on
    Big shout out to Heavy G and Short Fuse Film for capturing and editing this amazing footage


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    عمله حلو

    شكرا ع المعلومات


    استغرب من الجمهور الحالي!
    يبغوا دسات ترقصهم ما يبغوا اوزان و قوة كلمات و لغلغة
    طيب ليش نغني راب ليش ما نقلب شكشكة

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